Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm In Lust Over Miu Miu's Glitter Bootie

Fashion Week is coming and I would bet money that the common shoe denominator on fashionphiles' feet would be the sassy Miu Miu glitter bootie.

I mean, seriously, who wouldn't fall in love with these sparkly superstars?
Net-A-Porter has it.

Ditto Nordstrom.

And Saks is getting in on the action too!

I like it so much that if I had one, I wouldn't mind bumping into one, five, hell, even twenty women wearing the same pair. Four major US glossies (Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, and Marie Claire) are also professing mutual adoration over Miu Miu, with various versions making appearances inside each magazine, as reported by Refinery 29 in their September issue rundown. So yeah, it's bound to be the defining shoe of the season.

Vogue's controversial snap.

Elle likes pink.

So does Harper's Bazaar.

While Marie Claire goes for the gold.

Oh, if I only had $890 x 6 (because I want them in every color and style!).

My First Ebay Buys

Being an avid thrift shopper, one would think I'd have amassed a hoard of Ebay finds by now. I remember though that when I first registered on Ebay, there were just too many things to figure out that I gave up and never went back. Even after my friend Frances of Topaz Horizon gave me some tips (check out some of her best buys here), I never really got the hang of it until I was living in New York. America being the mecca of online shopping, I quickly learned to click and buy (much to the detriment of my account balance).

What led me back to Ebay again was the lure of certain vintage pieces. While browsing online, I came across a chic model (drat, I forgot her name though!) who talked about her love for the iconic Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pump. With its stacked heel, grosgrain bow and Ferragamo gold plate, the Vara has managed to retain its sophisticated appeal decades after it was first launched in 1978.

Model Frida does androgyny by anchoring a suit with her Vara pump. (Photo courtesy of

And because I can't afford the $375 tag, I finally decided to enter Ebay once again on a quest to have my very own Vara. Sadly, I was not successful. However, I did manage to score a Ferragamo leather loafer. No bows on this one but it does sport the gold plate. And I loved the aged tan of the leather and the midi heel, perfect for walking in the city.

Bid and won on Ebay for $29.

Unfortunately, I think the width is too small for my feet because the first (and only) time I wore it, I ended up hobbling home in pain. I still have hope that after a session with a shoe stretcher, my pair can once again see the light of day.

Good thing that my next buy, a small briefcase-style Coach, was a success. Whenever I would go to a vintage store, I would always notice the lovely worn-in leather crossbody bags from Coach. Then the news that Net-A-Porter had reissued classic Coach designs from the '70s piqued my interest further. By then, the original Coach bag that caught my eye was gone from the store. Thus, I took the Ebay road.

 One of my favorites from the Net-A-Porter Coach Classics relaunch: a buttery navy leather field bag retailing at $500. (Images courtesy of Net-A-Porter)

Tada! A great buy for $32. I like to jazz mine up by tying a silk scarf around the top handle.
When I moved to New York, I developed a preference for crossbody bags because they're more convenient to carry when I'm commuting around the city. Although the strap (which is removable) is longer than normal, this bag fits the bill. I also like that it has a top handle, giving me another option to tote it.

The easy-access backpocket is where I put things I'm always grabbing for, like a cellphone, metrocard and keys.

 And it's so roomy too! Lots of pockets to stash my daily hoard of random stuff, and the inside is divided into two compartments, making it easier for me to segregate and find things.

I spy vitamins, Raybans, handcream and Post-its!

Loving the turnlock closure.

Stay tuned for my next Ebay buy. Hopefully, I'll be able to score myself a Vara pump!
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