Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Wear: Tribal Print Pants

Friday was spent traveling, via carpool, then train, from Rheinfelden (a small town bordering Germany and Switzerland), to Berlin. Total travel time was about 12 hours, with several train changes in between, so I had to dress in comfy clothes. Here's a snapshot of what I wore:

Sweater and leather wrap-around bracelet, H&M. Pants, bought from a stall in Greenwich Village, NYC. Scarf, vintage from Camden Market, London. Tiger-print cuff, Martina-Martina. Bag, Saba. Sandals, SM Parisian.

I bought these pants last year when I was still living in New York. My friend Happy clued me in to a stall in Greenwich Village, near the store where we were working. Manned by an African immigrant, the small space on the sidewalk consisted mostly of roomy garterized pants, tunics and dresses in the colorful prints typical to African fashion.  When one of us would wear a piece, Happy and I would tease each other "Uuuy, sumu-Suno!" (roughly translated, it means channeling Suno), because they were reminiscent of the earthy mixed patterns of the Kenyan-sourced designer label. It's quite funny that, for its S/S 2012 collection, Burberry Prorsum released pieces that had the same vibe. If I remember correctly the pants cost me $18, and because they were too big for me, I spent Php50 to get them altered at my suki tailor in BF Homes, ParaƱaque. Still, compared to Suno and Burberry price tags, the pants are quite a find, and oh-so-comfy to wear!
These Suno skinny trouser pants are on sale for $120, originally going for $400. 

Tribal printed pieces from Burberry Prorsum's S/S 2012 show. Photo courtesy of Style Intel.
On a side note, the scarf was a two-for-five pounds, find at Camden Market in London. I was a bit overwhelmed by Camden. This, and the fact that I had limited cash and luggage space, meant I didn't buy much, but I'm always on the market for a vintage scarf, as they are usually cheap, and don't take up a lot of space. Layering puts a damper on accessorizing, and I find that a scarf is the best way to put in that extra pizzazz to an outfit.
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