Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Butterfly Dreams: The Softest Beddings I've Ever Lain On (Part 1)

I have been dying to get new bed sheets since, well, since forever! Pat has refused to get a new set because he says we'll be moving soon anyway, and we don't need the additional clutter. So every Monday morning, sunny weather permitting, we launder our sheets and put them back on our bed in the evening. While this routine has worked out nicely (it's always comforting to lay my head on clean sheets every week), I still harbour secret aspirations for another set.

I channeled my dream sheets to reality!

So when Edith Coronacion McCosker, founder and creative director of Butterfly Dreams, messaged me on Facebook saying she'd love for me to try their sheets, I was so, so happy. I swear, I felt like I channeled my dream sheets to reality! But I became even more ecstatic when I read more about the brand and the company. Butterfly Dream's luxury bed linens were developed by the husband and wife team of Tim and Edith, who were looking for fabrics they could use to make bed sheets for their personal use. They discovered a microsuede fabric they loved so much, they thought it was too good not to share. It took them two years before they could bring their sheets to the market, but the effort they put into researching and developing their product was evident the moment I touched the sheets. Ibang klase talaga! Like nothing I have ever slept on before.

I know Edith from way back since she is a good friend of my sister. They were schoolmates in Assumption College Makati, where they both majored in Interior Design. She went on to form her own interior design and renovation business with a partner called Dreamspaces until she moved to Hong Kong working as a project designer for an interior sourcing and supply company specialising in hotel projects. With her background, I knew the sheets were going to be amazing even before I actually saw them. In fact, even before I got the delivery, I kept on bragging and telling Pat about our lovely new bedsheets. Excited talaga!

Butterfly Dreams delivers for free in the Philippines! 

Edith sent me the the Classic King Set in Billy Blue. Each Classic Sheet Set contains:

  • One Flat Sheet made with 350 thread-count cotton sateen flat sheet. The sheet has a subtle, "embossed" butterfly design that makes it look really, really posh.

  • One Fitted Sheet made of their signature "SwankySuede" microfibre fabric. The fitted sheet has elastics all around and not just on the corners to ensure a snug fit.

  • Two Pillowcases also made of SwankySuede. The pillowcases have zipper closures. Nice!

What really sets Butterfly Dreams apart from your regular bed linens is their SwankySuede microfibre fabric. After reading all the characteristics of their fabric, I was sold, sold, sold! I especially like that it resists pilling, dries quickly, is machine washable, and is resistant to creasing and crinkling. Little did I know that all these would pale in comparison to the FEEL of the fabric. As that really, really old song goes, "Feelings, nothing more than feelings…" "Feeling" lang pala ang hanap ko!

Butterfly Dreams' signature "SwankySuede" fabric up close. Feels super soft to touch, like your most comfortable pair of sheets after it has gone through tons of washing. 

Because, oh my, this SwankySuede sheet feels heavenly! It reminded me of my super favourite bed sheet from department store brand Town and Country. The print (daisies on a blue checkerboard background) was baduy but I didn't care because it had that worn in feel to it (probably achieved through constant washing) and a "sleepy" smell that I craved for because it instantly relaxed me. I don't know why I've only experienced it with that bed sheet and I've never found another quite like it until Butterfly Dreams. And I'm not alone in singing its praises. Even Pat gives his enthusiastic approval.

(First night trying the sheets. Pat gets under the covers.)

Pat: Wow, I don't think we'll ever buy any other brand after this!
Me: It's really nice, ya?
Pat: It even feels good on my head.
Me: Huh? I don't really feel it…
Pat: That's because you have hair.

The only thing I don't like about my sheets is that it doesn't look as good on our bed as it does in their photos. Booo! Edith, how do I get my sheets to look Elle Decor-worthy???
Bottomline, we looove Butterfly Dreams bed linens. I love that the sheets are plain, but have little luxe touches (the butterfly design and the satin border on the flat sheet) that make me feel like I'm sleeping on a hotel bed. I love that it's a low maintenance set. I love that it's better on the environment than regular cotton sheets (more on this in my next post). I love that the company donates a portion of their profits to a local school in Cambodia. Really, there are lots of reasons to love Butterfly Dreams, but it all goes back to one very important factor: I love how it feels on my skin. 

The butterfly design up close. 

I want to share more about Butterfly Dreams but this post is already very long! I'll publish my interview with Edith tomorrow. You'll find out more about how they started the business, why micro fibre is better for the environment and for your health, plus some testimonials from avid fans. 

My Classic King Set retails on their website at US$215, which is about Php8,800. Yes, it's pricier than your average department store brand, but the extra pesos you invest in these sheets are worth it. In fact, now that I think about it, Butterfly Dreams are comparable in price to some brands I've seen in Rustan's. Promise, they're sulit! Plus they'll last you a long time. I'm hoping that they also come out with patterned sets in the future. 

Because we really couldn't get our bed to look like a hotel's, dinaan ko nalang sa letters haha! At least there's a bit of styling effort going on. 

Dying to get your own set? Butterfly Dreams will be available starting this month in MakeRoom Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood Mall and Robinson's Magnolia. Or you can buy online at their website. They offer free delivery in the Philippines! The delivery service is pretty fast (mine took only two days). Plus, Edith gave me a 20% discount coupon you can use if you buy online. Enter  code "INTRO" upon checkout to avail of the discount. The King Sheet Set is only $172 with the 20% off. Winner! 

Have you heard of Butterfly Dreams? And I'm really curious to know, what's your favorite brand of bed linens and why do you love it? Leave me a comment below!

P.S. You can also check out Butterfly Dreams' Facebook page here.

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