Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Shoe Collection On Manila Fashion Observer

A peek into my shoe collection. No closet for me, no space in our apartment for a dedicated shoe cabinet!

Blogger/writer Tin Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer started her Shoe Series last month, giving us a peek into the shoe closets of her fellow bloggers/writers, friends, and family living in New York, Manila and Singapore. I thoroughly enjoy reading the series because it indulges both my voyeuristic desire to peep into other people's closets, and my mild obsession with shoes (admit it, we all have a streak of shoe fetishism in us!). And I love that it features a wide range of high-low brands, from designer Jil Sander and Valentino, to local labels like Renegade Folk and Anthology.

Shoe Series features a gamut of shoe brands, from high...(Ruby Gan's mesh Prada with lucite heels. Like!) low (Lloyda Lim's Ferretti clogs. Yep, Ferretti! Winner!)

Which is why I was super excited to be invited to be part of the series. Even though Tin had emailed me about it last month, it took me a while to complete the feature. I must confess, kinareer ko siya! I took loads of photos, and wrote long commentaries on my shoes like a proud mother cataloging her baby's moments. And tada, it's finally up! Read all about my motley collection of shoes here. And I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy
wearing them.
My shoes, on the other hand, run more on the low side, haha! Like this recent purchase that I forgot to include in my photo album. Harajuku Lovers yellow plastic wedges bought at Daffy's for $20. So summer!


  1. kat!! i saw that pair in daffy's in jersey garden!

  2. Hahaha so cute noh? They have it in red and green too I think. Very impractical but it was so cheap I had to buy it!

  3. Hey Kat, I loooove your taste in shoes. Sobrang enjoyed reading your entry in MFO. I especially like the leopard boooties and kitten pumps, that I have to leave a comment and let you know! =)

  4. HI Dangski,

    OMG tagal ko magreply haha! Thank you, happy you liked the feature! Yes, leopard is one of my favorite prints, They never go out of style. :)

  5. Your shoes look gorgeous! I love that color!

  6. your shoes looks very nice!!!!!!!!


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