Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Prada Trash Can? Pwede!

Saw this article on the New York Times, and found it quite hilarious:

Branded Garbage Cans Stay Put
by Penelope Green 

Another reason to love NY—wit is everywhere! Photo credit: Chad Silver

Chad Silver, an artist, and his wife, Colu Henry, a public relations manager at Bon AppĂ©tit magazine, were having trouble with their garbage cans, which kept vanishing from outside their Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment. So Mr. Silver, inspired by “Gucci Gucci,” a song by Kreayshawn, a West Coast rapper whose lyrics can’t be printed in this newspaper, decided to brand his cans with gold stickers replicating the logos of the luxury labels Gucci, Fendi and Prada.

It was a more interesting way of identifying his property than just sticking a number on it, said Mr. Silver, who has a fondness for sly merchandising. (He has a Web site called Love Is Lame, where he sells T-shirts with that slogan printed on them and other items, like a teddy bear clutching a satin heart embossed with expletives. The site does big business around Valentine’s Day, he said.)

So far, the labeling strategy seems to be working, Mr. Silver said. The cans, which he branded last month, have stayed put. 

I won't be surprised if Gucci actually came out with their own line of haute trash cans. Maybe one papered with the double Gs? Wonder how much it'll cost!

Incidentally, a logo-obsessed Filipino/Filipina, has taken to wallpapering their CR-V with the Louis Vuitton Logo. I spotted the vehicle while taking a friend on a tour of Intramuros a few days ago and I just had to take a photo. I actually saw the car before in Molito, Alabang, but it drove away before I could take a snap. While we were walking around the walled city, we saw the car drive by again, and I happened to glimpse the inside of the car. Even the interiors were trimmed with LV logos, from the dashboard to the steering wheel. Kaloka! LV much?

Orig kaya?


  1. I remember reading something before of a Prince who decked his car with LV logo and was sued by LV. Baka mamaya si Chad Silver ma-sue din esp the article is at NY Times. hehe

  2. I'd probably sue the CRV owners, but I'd use the Chad Silver garbage cans for pr—they were featured in the New York Times! Galing!

  3. CUTE! LV car :)) Di man orig, unique pa rin :)


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