Friday, July 27, 2012

See You at the Belle De Jour Rendezvous Tomorrow!

I'm having quite the busy day tomorrow! Belle De Jour Power Planner is having one of their highly-anticipated Rendezvous event tomorrow, July 28, at The Concourse of SM Makati (it's the area in between the Supermarket and Forever 21). I'll be there as both a host and a speaker. Ngarag! But the BDJ Rendezvous is always fun, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the BDJ Girls again.

There are three ways you can be part of this event. Mechanics are detailed in the flyer below. Better hurry, because you only have a few hours left to join!

I'll be giving a talk on how to style 10 Essential Workwear Pieces. I'm quite excited as I decided to pull out from my own wardrobe to illustrate and demonstrate the points I'll be making.  In fact, I couldn't sleep one night, because my brain was busy mentally sorting through my closet, looking for the appropriate items I could use! To make things even more interesting, I skipped the usual basics (white button down, black slacks, etc), and focused on fresh new styles, shapes and prints. I even tested the outfits on myself, just to make sure they actually wear well, and look professionally chic.

A top pick: A smart sheath dress

That can be layered over a pretty top to soften the look

Bianca Valerio, model, host, author, and make-up artist, will also be there to talk about putting your professional game face on, while PJ Lanot's segment will focus on success and the factors that make people reach the top.

If you want to "Take Charge and Be In Control" of your life, attending tomorrow's BDJ Rendezvous is a big leap towards that goal.

See you there tomorrow! And don't forget to say hi! :)

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