Thursday, August 2, 2012

Headware: The All-Around Accessory

Have you heard about Headware? It's a deceptively simple piece of cloth that's amazing in its multi-purpose-ness. In fact, it deserves a standing ovation!

Headware as a headband.

Headware is shaped like a tube, and slips easily over the head.

What is it? It's an all-purpose, stretchable, breathable, seamless microfibre cloth that's shaped like a tube. As a practical accessory, it keeps hair away from the face, helps wick sweat away from skin, and gives protection from the sun, dust, and other icky elements that might be floating in the air. But, of course, we ladies want more from our accessory than form and function. We clamor for fashion, too! So, the brains behind Headware have devised a whole lot of uses for it. Plus, it comes in tons of colors and prints to choose from! 

Some of my favorite Headware prints include this Mayan Blue design.

The Electric Zigzag is very Missoni!

They also have limited edition prints.

Headware claims to have come up with about 20 ways to use this essential accessory. 20??? I found that hard to believe, until I watched this video, featuring Rovilson Fernandez putting in some serious mileage into his Headware. 

I have to confess that I'm not as resourceful with my Headware as Rovilson was. For me, Headware is the kind of accessory that will definitely come in handy when traveling. Still, I enjoyed wearing it around town as a cute accent to my outfits, and even as a tube top! The easiest way to incorporate it would be to wear it as a headband, but I've never looked good in a headband, so that scraps it out of my repertoire. If you're a skinny Minnie, you can even wear it as a skirt. I tried to do that, but I could barely get my hips into it. I looked like an overstuffed dumpling, hahaha!

Here's how I wore it as a tube top:

Urban Behavior tank; Salsa jeans (altered to a cropped hem); stannard inc quartz pendant necklace; Martina-Martina accessories; Zara heels

I love this tank because it's oversized style has a relaxed feel, but the matte sequins add a touch of sheen and luxe. 

That's Martina-Martina's crystal ball bracelet, and a Nina wrap bracelet. And a shy appearance from my beautiful engagement ring. :)

And my favorite, as a neckpiece! Not quite as bulky as a scarf, but just as interesting! Love the leopard print rendered in blue shades.

Headware scarf in Emerald Leopard; Zara striped top, clutch, and heels; Pull and Bear shorts; Mango sunnies and belt; The Landmark bracelets.

Just realized that almost everything I'm wearing I got on sale! 

Love the rich shades of blue!

These Landmark bracelets were such a good bargain! I think they were P179.75 for a set of five. I bought four sets!
If you don't like wearing heavy, bulky accessories, Headware is a great alternative. You can even wrap it around your wrist as a chunky bracelet. Mix in some chains to create a nice mix of textures on your wrist.

How would you wear your Headware? If you're super creative, join their Lifestyle Photo Contest. All you need to do is send in a photo and a few short lines explaining why your Headware has made you ecstatic. Be as imaginative as you can be! If you've found a new way of using it, even better! Heck, you can even dress your pet in it. Complete photo mechanics below. 50 luck winners will get to a Headware Pack. Deadline for entries is on August 31, so you have a month to brainstorm for your entry.

You can buy Headware online HERE or view a complete list of branches on their Facebook page.

Happy Headware-ing!


  1. Hi I was there in the BDJ event a couple of saturdays ago! You were the host and speaker! :) Really learned a lot!

  2. Thank you Hazel! :) Hope I'll see you at the next BDJ event!


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