Friday, September 23, 2011

My 75 Peso Quiapo Dress

Went to Quiapo a few weeks ago and look at what I found:

I came with my mom who knows the place by heart. This is where she goes to buy clothes and fruits  (I know, I know, what an odd combination. Think of it as Target na pinalengke!). And while she gets titillated by the sight of atis, santol and papaya fruit piles, my fashion-addled brain and bargain-wired body was magnetized to a Php25 cardboard sign propped atop a pile of used clothes.

Now I didn't do much scouting. In fact, I only checked out one vendor, but amidst the hangers of dasters and granny florals from the '80s, I found the above ruby red gem of a beaded frock. The bodice and trims feature beadwork and gold embroidery, while the sleeves are slightly puffed, a detail which I like very much.

It's reminiscent of Santo NiƱo...
Image from Manilenio

...and the Asian Peoples display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. 

While everyone read Asian culture and history, I was snapping photos of embroidered dresses and gilt acessories, haha!
 Wore it with an old pair of Celine gold sandals, and a mannish tan envelope clutch discovered at a Boracay ukay.

I accessorized with a medley of metal arm candy.

Do you like the rose cuff? And the sly snake bracelet peeking out underneath? Me too, I'm enamored with them! As for where I got these, I'm keeping it a secret for now. It's from a project I'm working on that I will unveil to everyone very soon! Exciting!


  1. Yes, exciting! And can I just say, can't wait to see you! :)

  2. I super love your style, Kat. And your talent for finding ukay gems.


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