Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Collections Live At Martina-Martina

I've been awfully, awfully busy the past week. For one, we moved house and our new home looks like 11 balikbayan boxes simultaneously exploded in it (and I do mean this literally!). Then, three of Pat's friends decided to bless our new home with their presence, coming all the way from Canada to visit (poor guys came home to a very messy place!). And then there's the diving certification I'll be taking on Thursday, and my two chapter assignment that I have yet to read. Oh, and a bazaar on Saturday we decided to join at the last minute that I also have to prep for. A lot, a lot, a lot of things to do and I don't know where to start. Really, sometimes I find myself standing in the middle of the living room or our bedroom just staring at the mess. I wish I could just "Evanesco!" (with matching wand waving) everything away!

Martina-Martina will be at the Cuenca Bazaar this Saturday, November 5. It's probably the only bazaar we're doing this year so do come if you want to see more pieces. This is your chance to preview and purchase pieces from our future collections—you get first dibs!

But, enough of the ranting. I've got some exciting news and they're all about the two new collections we have up on our Martina-Martina shop! I've finally gotten around to uploading my sister, Nina's fabulous pieces, and you can already view and buy them now. There's only one of each handcrafted style, so better be quick to click if you love something. Plus, we've also uploaded our "I'm With The Band" Collection, an eclectic mix of wrist pieces that you'll want to hoard, and that you'll want to pile on your arm. Come to think of it, all the items in this collection can be easily mixed and matched!

I consider leather bands as perennials—their style and wearability are long-lived! Buckle Up leather bracelets in Emerald Green,  Brick Red, Desert Orange, and Navy, P350 each. 

I actually got to see these Loop De Loop bracelets being finished. I love the substantial gold link hardware, and the crocheted style—all done by hand! Shown in Softest Pink, Bone, and Caramel, P795 each.

And of course, a peep into the Hush Collection by Nina Dy. Why Hush? Because according to my sister, these necklaces make a statement without being over the top. Still, put them on and they add that little bit of drama to your outfit. Bow.

Gotta love that royal blue/violet hue against the sunny yellow stripes!

So do visit Martina-Martina. Browse and shop to your hearts content! And if you want to see our collections up close, visit us at the Cuenca Bazaar inside Ayala Alabang Village this Saturday November 5. Say hi! I'll be manning the booth myself. :)


  1. Hi Kat! I can't seem to access your multiply site. Do you have other sites to check Martina Martina?

    Thank you! :)


  2. Hi Dang,

    I think Multiply was undergoing site maintenance this morning. You should be able to view our site now. Try also www.martina-martina.com. :)

    Let me know if you're able to access. We just uploaded our new collection, Kingdom Animalia. :)

    Happy Shopping!


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