Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And The Smart Money Goes ShopSpotting Winner Is....

I won't keep you in suspense any longer, the lucky girl who won P50,000 from Smart Money is Angel del Rosario of Asian Vogue Shop, online vendor of on-trend bags, and footwear worthy of your favorite K-Pop and J-Pop stars. I blogged about their piano bag in one of my ShopSpotting posts, but I have to admit, their shoe catalog is quite impressive.

Asian Vogue Shop is our Favorite Online Seller for 2011

The winner was announced last Saturday at a fun yet intimate event which I hosted at the Smart Jump Experience center at SM Megamall. I wish I had photos to share, but I was too nervous about my hosting gig, so I spent the time before the event rehearsing my script at the back office, and making a quick run to the Atrium for my first taste of Gong Cha milk tea (milk chocolate pearls = heaven!). I finally got to meet Jeff, Hazel, and the rest of the Smart Money team, as well as the Havoc Digital Media team who were all very nice. I was lucky to have worked with them for this project. Hazel's presentation on Smart Money was especially informative, and yes, Hazel, you have a convert in me!

I had the belated sense to take a few outfit shots, not the very best, but I'm excited to share what I wore. I had on old dress from Una Rosa (katas ng gift certificate from my days as fashion editor), a simple tent shift that I love to wear (despite it being prone to creasing) because of its deep pockets.

With my Ebay-bought Coach bag, and a thrifted silk scarf that I like to tie around the handle.

 I wore it with blingy sandals paired with fringe socks, which turned out to be quite a cute combo.
Shoes, Vince Camuto. Socks, H&M.

But the masterpiece was my ginormous green gumball necklace, a gift from my friend Pam in L.A., who gave it to me as a thank you for my styling advice. It provided the perfect pop of color against my black and white palette, and with the vintage rhinestone necklace I paired it with (another gift, this time from my old employer), the result was bling at its best.

Other extras: Pearl coil bracelet, and rhinestone elastic strand, both from The Landmark. Studded leatherette cuff, random bazaar find.

After the event, Pat and I went straight to Opus to meet up with some friends. It was my first time, and I felt like a little kid when they brought out the Grey Goose with the sparkler. The rest of the night went by in a dizzy blur. All in all, an awesome day.

My LOL photo. I just had to share.

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