Thursday, October 20, 2011

ShopSpotting: Christmas Shopping

Christmas is near! Well, it's 65 days away to be exact. And while that's technically more than two months away, I know we Pinoys are eager beavers when it comes to celebrating Pasko. My boyfriend can't get over the fact that the malls start playing Christmas carols even BEFORE Halloween comes around, haha! 
My first Christmas in New York was also my first time to have a real tree! It smelled heavenly. 
As early as now, I've started thinking about what presents I'll be giving to friends and family. I have a Christmas list in my planner where I write down the names on one column, and possible presents that I can give on another. Quite organized, right? Not really. I have to be honest, I almost always end up shopping at the very last minute. Either that or I keep changing my mind about what to give that I sometimes end up buying multiple presents for one person, and not having anything on hand for another. Or, I end up buying too many things for myself, which is even worse! 

For those who want to get started on their Christmas shopping, I've ShopSpotted a few affordable gift ideas for you:

For the stylish sister who likes to make a statement, gift her with Asian Vogue Shop's Piano bag. Reminiscent of the fun bag that was Kate Spade's "All Typed Up Clyde" typewriter tote. I find myself wishing I had splurged on that bag! 

Piano bag, P1,350.
The Kate Spade typewriter tote. Photo courtesy of Geek Sugar.
For the best friend who loves to travel, a journal confidant that can bear witness to her musings and adventures. Also comes with vintage-inspired stickers to personalize entries. 

When my boyfriend is acting particularly silly, I always tell him, "You're a monkey!" in jest. We must make a fine pair of primates because he calls me "his" monkey as well. I'd put this USB in his stocking as a joke (a monkey for my monkey!)

I have a few friends who are pregnant, and Cherub's Nest has a selection of baby essentials, baby wearing and nursing products that would make fine presents. My pick: Next9 Tushy Wushy Cloth Diapers (P1,000). These leak-proof cloth diapers come highly recommended by my friend Frances of Topaz Horizon. I like that they are not wasteful—adjustable buttons allow your diaper to grow with your baby, and the diapers and inserts are washable and reusable. 

The pack comes with three leak-proof cloth diapers and three inserts. 
Chocolates always make a good, albeit boring, present, but I'd rather have a present I can eat than something that'll just gather dust on my table. Affordable Clothes has a great selection of goodies that are shipped directly from the US.

Twix Fun Pack (P100). Arguably one of the best candy bars ever created!

Lindt Lindor Truffles White Chocolate (P530). These are delicious! I'd give this to a boss (or maybe keep them for myself heehee).

I even found something I can buy for myself, and my dad! As my close friends know, I'm a borderline narco—I can sleep anywhere and everywhere, even when I'm behind the wheel (I get it from my dad). So I'd probably buy this Nap Zapper for both of us. 

The Nap Zapper (P150) from Kela's Kitchen. "Nap Zapper is an innovative, potentially lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm. It is worn over the ear and has an electronic position sensor. When your head nods forward, it sounds a loud alarm to instantly wake you and alert your passengers." 

Don't laugh. I'm seriously considering buying this!
For all those officemates that you don't really want to give presents to (but have to anyway, or otherwise you'll be forever branded as a Scrooge), Kela's Kitchen and Keepers has a ton of cheapo but nifty stuff. My favorites:

Super Sleek Multi-Purpose Pen (P55), a Swiss-knife type gadget that unfolds into a pen, knife, bottle and can opener. Pang Mac Gyver! A great present for the boys. 

Mini Envelope Note Pad (P50). Kraft paper pads that fold up into envelopes. A nice addition to any desk, and a fun way to say hi or thank you to friends and co-workers. 

Funky Metal Paper Clips (P60 for each pack of 12). Great for marking magazine and book pages, or sealing small packages. Comes in three designs: teddy bear, lightbulb, and camera.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Share your gift list with me!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Yep, we love those cloth diapers =)

    And I love the gift suggestions. Will buy a bunch of those for the office peeps!


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