Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cashmere + Lace

What do you wear if the weather is gloomy and you're not in the mood to dress up? If I was still living in New York, I would probably pull on my extra chunky, oversized Fair Isle sweater, a hand-me-down from my old roommate Dante, who decided to give it to me instead of selling it to Beacon's Closet, a resale/thrift store in NY. It's my comfort clothing during winter since it keeps me really, really warm, while still looking fashionably at home in hipster Williamsburg, the neighborhood where I used to live.

However, I am no longer living in New York, I am living in sweltering Manila, so my Fair Isle baby has to be put on shelf for a while. So last Tuesday, when I had to go out and run a few errands and meet friend and blogger Tara, I wondered what I was going to wear. Was not really feeling like dressing up, given that the weather was still a bit dreary, but I still wanted look put together. I ended up wearing a very old navy cashmere sweater, another hand-me-down, this time from my dad (can you tell I love men's sweaters?). It's so old, it has holes in it already, but I don't care. It's super duper soft, and falls just right on me.

Daddy's cashmere sweater paired with Forever 21 lace shorts, and Schu patent loafers.
Truth be told, I wasn't posing. I was scratching my legs because dang mosquitos were biting me! 

Of course, the easiest way to spruce up an outfit is to accessorize. Remember my sister's handmade detachable collar? Found another way to wear it again! And my favorite leather wristband from H&M makes another appearance, this time with a chunky chain link and faux gem bracelet from The Landmark (only P169.75). 

And the laziness extends to putting on makeup. I went out with a barely made face (just some Bare Minerals foundation powder under the eyes as an attempt to conceal my dark circles), but to compensate, I wore a bold plum lip. I lost my one and only plum lipstick, a shade called Embrace by Covergirl, so I had to mix up my own. I started by applying Cyber, a dark goth shade by MAC (very Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), and then swiping Covergirl's Spellbound, a nice fuchsia hue, on top, then blending them together with a cotton bud. Not the most flawless job I've done but I was happy.

A bold lip + a messy twisty bun = Puwede nang mag-Makati! (I can go to Makati now!)

Covergirl's Spellbound and MAC's Cyber lipsticks.

What's your lazy day/rainy day outfit? Share!


  1. I was about to ask you what lipstick you were wearing and hybrid pala of two! Love it :)

    And your outfit then was a perfect rainy day outfit, again, thank you for seeing me. It's so nice to see you again after more than a year and I'm so excited for you and your plans and everything's that's to happen!

  2. Hey Tara! Yeah, I made my own. I also have a violet-black lipstick from Wet n' Wild that's cheaper than MAC but works just as good.

    It was nice catching up with you too and I'll see you again soon. Also very excited for the great things happening in your life! :)


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