Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Which Red Shoe Should I Buy? Halp!

I'm sure you've all noticed the glut of online sites selling discounted fashion merchandise. I think Gilt was the one that really made this business model so popular, but others have jumped on the bandwagon and have come out with their own spin-offs. One that I like is Refinery29's Reserve. Instead of selling actual merchandise, it sells "...shopping deals, experiences, or limited- edition products every week" that are never available for more than six days a week, maybe even shorter if a deal has sold out. I like it because the brands and sites they feature are carefully selected, and the Reserve deals are often pretty amazing. 

So a few days ago, I finally decided to plunk down some cash for my first Reserve deal: A $200 credit to buy Pour La Victoire Shoes at their website at 50% off. It becomes an even greater bargain if you decide to use it to purchase PLV shoes on sale, which is what I'm doing. 

My first Reserve deal, yay!

Now I need a pair of red shoes. I realized I don't have a proper pair of classic red pumps. The problem is I'm torn. I originally wanted to get these suede Daina pumps...

But then, I'm a little smitten with the tiled sole of these Irina Tiles patent pump.

Isn't that sole so sassy?

Admittedly, I like the look, the hue, and the texture of the suede pump. It's classier, and it'll pair really well with the cropped pants I like to wear lately. BUT, that checkerboard sole!

So yes, I'm torn. And because I've been debating about what to get for days, and because Daina and Irina are still neck and neck, I'm bringing this internal conflict out in the open.

What do YOU like better? Daina or Irina? 

Help me decide!


  1. Personally, I like Irina :) good luck!

  2. the irina ...those soles are to die for...

  3. Kat! Ampy here. So nice that you're back. And blogging too! = ) Anyway, I'm pysched to be the first one to comment, hahaha! Get the 2nd one!!! It's sooo classy yet playful! And I think the platform of the 2nd one is much comfier. Parang the 1st one masakit pag matagal nakatayo. = )

    Now, I want one, too. Hahahaha!

    Hope to bump into you soon!

  4. Daina! You can still wear it 5 years from now and it will still look timeless =)

  5. Grace and Kenzie, yes, Irina's soles are so cute! Now I'm wondering if it'll be better in a camel color. I think the color is more classic. What do you think? http://www.pourlavictoire.com/shoes/irina-tiles.html

    Ampy, hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Get one na rin and we can compare haha! I like the PLV shoes cause they're not trendy but sa photo palang, looks like they're well made. Of course, the real test is when I actually walk in them. Let me know if you get one too!

    Tin! Nako, everyone is voting for Irina but then you tell me Daina haha! Daina was my first choice actually. I just like the sole of the Irina. Just a bit worried that the suede will be hard to take care of.

  6. Daina! The tiled sole of the Irina is adorable, but it's patent. Daina's more shushyal-looking! Heehee!

  7. Daina reminds me of Isabel Marant kasi, minus the bow on the side, hehehe. Suede isn't hard to take care of, just spray with suede protector ok na! But if you get the Irina in nude, that is actually gonna be super nice!

  8. Ok I'm no expert on fashion but here goes... Daina! Great color plus it's classic. Something strikes me as a little... Ronald McDonald-ish about the Irina. (Or maybe it's just the first photo.) It looks better in camel!

  9. Hi Deepa! I'm convinced, Daina it is! It was actually my first choice, but I guess I needed affirmation and I have three people who said aye! :D The only problem is, my coupon code doesn't seem to be working and I'm waiting to hear back from the Reserve people. Argh!


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