Friday, October 14, 2011

Introducing Martina-Martina

I've been telling my closest friends and relatives that I've been working on an online accessories business. Finally, I'm ready to post about it!

Tada, welcome Martina-Martina!

Oops kasama pa yung margins! Thanks Pao for making this!

All my friends know that I love, love, love accessories. As a stylist, my shoot team would always joke about the amount of accessories I pull out (actually, I get a lot of flak for seemingly pulling out an entire department store haha!), so when I was thinking about what kind of business to do, I was naturally drawn to accessories. Our vision for Martina-Martina is to be your one-stop shop for accessories, whether you're looking for a blingy piece for a fancy night out, or a casual accent you can wear everyday.

Nikki of The Picky Dresser modeling our gilt bangles. She patiently endured five hours of shooting like a seasoned pro. Thanks Nikki!

Most of the pieces we have on hand are sourced from Hong Kong and China, but we plan to develop our own designs soon. We'll also be selling Vanina Dy's gorgeous handcrafted pieces. Yep, I'll be pimping my talented sister's wares (remember the detachable collar she made me?), and it's about time too!  

Sneak peek of Vanina Dy's handmade necklaces, launching next week.

I named our first collection On A Whimsy in honor of the quirky, adorable, and fun pieces that are part of this family. There's a bejeweled miniature clown pin that's begging to be worn to the office; a crystal encrusted ruby red lip ring that's part rocker, part vamp; a groovy plastic torque necklace patterned with a modish swirly design. There's really quite a lot, and you should check it out for yourself.

According to my research, this bike (large front wheel, small rear wheel) is called a penny-farthing. I find it so cute as a brooch!

Right now, we're only available on our Multiply site, We're using Multiply's new Marketplace platform, so there are still some bugs we are working out, so please be patient when browsing through our store.  Right now, customers can only view 20 pieces at a time, but we'll be updating our listings every so often, so be sure to check back. We also have our Facebook page (please Like us!), which is still a work in progress, but will have complete product listings soon. 

We're dedicated to providing the best customer service, so if you have any questions, recommendations, comments, or even criticisms, feel free to email me at Tell me what you love, hate, and want more of! Really, I want to know, so we can come up with better merchandise, and a better site in the future. 

Oh and all listed prices include FREE SHIPPING!

So, please click over to Martina-Martina, and check out my newest baby. 


  1. Yay! Finally I can start shopping! Amazing collection! Congrats, Kat! So proud of you! :)

  2. P.S. Can you bring the accessories when we see each other on Tuesday (for the BIG EVENT)? No more shipping required! Haha!

  3. Congratulations, Kat! :) About to use the next hour of my life looking at your wares! :)

  4. So, question. Why Martina for the name? I was trying to recall if you have a family member named Martina, but nothing came to mind. By the way, I've never seen your writing before this blog. I loooooove your writing style!

  5. Nikki! Mwahaha yes, just let me know what you want, and you can shop from the shoot too!

    Tara, thanks! Please let me know what you think, both good and bad. :) Would love to hear feedback.

    Kris, thank you, I actually call myself an accidental writer because I never really took it seriously, not like Evil who knew from the start! As for the name, we wanted to pick one that wasn't too girly so we decided on Martina-Martina. But the more practical reason is, we already own the domain haha!

    Tish, thank you!

  6. Yay! Nice collection, Kat. I already found something I really like. :)

  7. Hi Hanna, yay! Thanks, just let me know if you need help with anything pa! :)


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