Sunday, October 16, 2011

ShopSpotting: Start Your Own Business Online

When I signed up to be a ShopSpotter for SMART Money's ShopSpotting Promo, I thought I'd be barraged by a bunch of online shops selling clothes, shoes and accessories. I'm pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. One site that I found quite interesting is E-LOADBIZ. It's basically a one-stop shop for all reloadable products, be it mobile e-load, prepaid call cards, prepaid internet cards, online gaming cards, and more. If you're looking for a business with minimal investment (only P100 minimum needed to activate), this is worth looking into as you can become a load retailer without needing to purchase actual physical cards. Even if you're just a personal user, you can buy load for yourself, family and friends at a discount, without needing to go anywhere. I'm currently using a prepaid number, and I know what a hassle it can be to run out of load, especially when I'm at home in my pambahay and in the middle of writing a blog! Read more about the benefits and advantages of becoming an E-Loadbiz retailer here.  

Another site that sells load online is Super Cyver Shop. Super Cyver is mainly a retailer of load, gaming and internet cards, so it's good site to bookmark if you're running on prepaid technology. 

FarmVille addicts can load up credits  on Super Cyver Shop.

Of course, I haven't forgotten my fashionable friends. My favorite ShopSpotting site for today would have to be Chicify. I knew Mikka Genito-Padua, one of the forces behind Chicify, back when she was with The Ramp (Crossings), and her genius merchandising, design, and entrepreneurial skills are on display at this online mecca of hip, well-priced brands. In-house brands like Subculture, and Menca Mischka share store space with established designers and labels like Avatar, Salsatrends, and Cole Vintage. There's really a lot to choose from, but I've been dying to buy this silk scarf from Thai designer Meo's line, Me and a Cup of Hot Chocolate. She does all the dreamy illustrations for her collection and they are absolutely gorgeous! 

Lipstick printed scarf, P2,300.
I'm imagining wearing this Chicify wood embellished cuff, P875,  with a pleated metallic maxi dress.

I also came across Katie Shop Go, a Multiply store selling beauty products and Korean fashion, like this dreamy teal blue chiffon dress:

Asymmetrical dress, P960. 
Katie Shop Go also sells NYX products, a line of affordable makeup that is quite popular in the US. In fact, they're even being sold at Urban Outfitters. 

Eyeing this NYX nude on nude palette, P1,800—maybe if I have it, I'll do a better job at putting on makeup!  

And finally, here's a delightful online store selling the cutest clay charms, Shop of Kawaii. I'm probably too old to be sporting these, but they'd make a perfect present for your little nieces and inaanaks. Chari, the shop's owner, makes the pieces by hand—she actually taught herself how to make them, amazing! She also accepts orders for resell, so it's another business idea that's worth exploring. 

A made-to-order My Melody necklace. Reminds me of my elementary days, when I would collect stuff from Gift Gate!
I would get this robot charm, P50, for my sister who loves robots. 

Shopping at these stores are a breeze when you use SMART Money. If you still haven't registered for SMART Money, watch and learn from this easy how-to video tutorial.

Till the next ShopSpotting!


  1. Hey Kat!

    I tried to send you a message on Facebook but realized that you weren't on my friends list anymore. :( Don't know what happened. :( But anyway, if all is well, Marcie and I wanted to invite you to Thursday dinner with Ro Manalo. If you're up for it. :) My number is 09178265747. Or if you have Marcie's you can text her as well.

    Hope you can come. :)


  2. Hey Kris! I'll send you a text. So weird, bakit di na tayo friends? Tried looking for you but ang daming Kristine Gonzalez haha! Add me again on FB!


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