Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Borrowing from the Boyfriend

I have found a new, untapped source of hip clothes and I can get everything for free! Yup, you probably already guessed where it is: my boyfriend's closet. I discovered this hidden treasure when I visited his hometown last August. The goal was to see if we could bring anything home to our new apartment. I ended up ransacking his closet, and taking home more stuff for me than him. His closet was a gold mine of oversized button-down shirts that could be worn on lazy days when you don't want to think about what to wear. 

Me in action. Can you tell I'm excited?      

The first item that caught my eye was a forest green shirt that instantly brought the utilitarian/military trend to mind. It's a great color, bordering on neutral, yet it looks up-to-date.

It went with the accessories I was wearing that day.

When the boyfriend asked how I would wear them seeing that they were several sizes too big, I replied, "All you need is a belt!" I've always said that belts can do magic on clothes. A waist cinching one is the key to giving loose clothes a shapelier silhouette. 

Tada! Final outfit: Leggings, Topshop. Aviators, Rayban. Necklace, Urban Behavior. Bag, Charles and Keith (bought in Manila). Belt, Shapes (bought in Manila too!).  Leopard-print booties, gojane.com.

I've also worn another of his shirts during the summer, this time a soft, deliberately faded short sleeved button-down from Urban Behavior. I think this shirt is still part of his current wardrobe so I literally stole it from his closet! I rolled up the sleeves, cinched it with my favorite vintage brown belt, and paired it with denim shorts. I accessorized with a lace scarf, and woven sandals paired with floral socks.

The background matches my vintage/hipster/collegiate look! Men's shirt, Urban Behavior. Shorts, bought at FIT outdoor fair, $5. Scarf, Topshop, sale at $5. Necklace, Dorothy Perkins. Belt, thrifted in Baguio ukay. Bag, bought at FIT outdoor fair. Socks, H&M, about $6. Sandals, Aeorosoles, bought on sale at $20.

I've also borrowed my boyfriend's sweaters, cardigans, neckties and suspenders. Tell me, have you nabbed anything from your boyfriend/brother/dad/friend and how did you wear it?


  1. I love EVERYTHING! And to think Pat is a tall guy!

    Hmm, I think I have, back when I had a boyfriend, and I really, really like nabbing things from men. My latest find that I find amazing on me is a Barcelona soccer jersey :)

  2. Hey, cool outfits, Kat! Though I don't have a boyfriend's closet to raid, I can probably borrow some from my Dad or brothers. Hmmm. Although, would a waist cinching belt be good for someone like me who has, um, a more voluptuous body? I find that if a button-down blouse doesn't fit me well, I just look either pregnant or fat. Sad =T

  3. Hi Kat! I do this all the time!!! I raid my husband's closet hahaha! I use his belts and shirts. By the way, you're looking great and I love your finds!

    -- Mikka

  4. TARA: Ooh soccer jersey, that's cool! Pat just showed me a bright red varsity jacket that I want to try when he gets back. For some reason, men's clothes are so comfy to wear. Another thing I like to do is buy the cheapo men's tees (Puritan, Hanes), cut off the neckline and roll up the sleeves. I wear them with or without a belt, with cut off shorts or leggings, but always with a statement necklace. I always pack them when I travel because they're easy to bring and wear. My favorite is a soft grey one bought at SM Surplus for Php50 and a peach one from Puritan.

    KV: Hmm, yes that can be tricky. But what you can also do is wear the belt on your hips, so the shirt wears more like a tunic. And of course, always something slim at the bottom like leggings or shorts that show off your legs. :)

    MIKKA: Thanks for dropping by! How do you use the belts? I have yet to figure out how to knot them stylishly the way they do in the magazines. Maybe you can share your method.

  5. Tara I just realized I'm wearing that gray shirt in my FB profile photo haha!

  6. I normally just wear my husband's V-neck undershirts. I can't seem to wear his polos because I'm just so short that they overwhelm me.:s I also wear his sleeveless undershirts to bed! I usually bring one of his shirts with me when I go away for a few days so I'll have a piece of him with me. Say cheese!

    I also nicked a safari-style polo from my dad's closet and wear it with a wide waist-cinching belt.

    Sooo nice catching up with you and Mariel today! Will post pics when I get back.:)

  7. Hey Tish, I know what you mean about sleeping with his shirt, either on or off! Especially if his smell is still there. Eeep cheesiness nga! Hahahaha!

    So nice to see you too! I hope you'll have another work function coming up so we can hang again.:)

  8. Nice idea to commit theft! Kidding! Can you suggest where to buy nice belts in Manila? The ones I bought before always develop some sort of mold on them - or maybe I'm not taking care of them right? :( Thanks!

  9. Ah, thanks for the tip! I'll try that one time ;)

  10. Alvin's t-shirts! Especially the white ones, or the old cotton ones that are vintagey and supersoft :) One time one of his button-down long-sleeved polos shrank in the wash, so it became a pajama top for me.

  11. I'm so glad I came back to this page because Imma try your technique (heehee). :)

  12. Hey Twisted Halo! Yes, they get moldy because you're probably storing them in a damp place. Try buying silica gel or dehumidifier and place them in the area where you store your leather belts. You can buy them in True Value or Ace. As for removing the mold, I came across this link, it should be helpful: http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/clothing-and-fabrics/shoes/how-to-remove-moldmildew-from-leather-shoes/

    If all else fails, take it to a shoe repair shop they might be able to help you out.

    As for where I get belts, my best buys are from Ukay stores hahaha! Seriously, I always wear them over and over again. I also like picking up accessories at Mango when they go on sale, they almost always have good belts every season. Oooh and check out Alexandria in SM Department Store or Cintura (cintura.multiply.com). Aira, the designer is a friend and she can customize belts for you!

    Mariel, I love soft t-shirts! They're the best to wear!

    Tara thanks for coming back! Ive been on a long hiatus but about to post one now!


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