Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

I can't wait this for this collection to hit the stores but I don't know if I'll actually fight to death with other shoppers just to be able to get my hands on these pieces. I also don't know if I'll be willing to spend $249 on a dress but it IS Lanvin after all and Alber Elbaz is a genius! If there is one designer dress I want to own, it definitely has to come from the hands of this man. What I will probably pick up are the accessories. I'm a sucker for big, bold baubles. Now these, I would gouge out eyes for haha!

Here are my lust-worthy picks from the collection. Photos courtesy of

I like the ruffle detail on this dress. Dress: $199; Belt worn as necklace: $19.95; Leather gloves: $49.95 Bracelet: $29.95; Brooch: $19.95; Necklace worn as belt: $29.95; Shoes: $99; Sunglasses: $19.95.

The color pops just right! Dress: $199; Earrings: $19.95; Belt worn as bracelet: $19.95; Sunglasses: $19.95.  

The $249 dress, but one of my favorites in the collection. I adore the necklace too! Dress: $249; Bag: $49.95; Shoes: $99; Earrings: $19.95; Sunglasses: $19.95.

A classic tuxedo jacket is a must in any wardrobe (too bad I still don't have one!) T-shirt: $39.95; Blazer (styled with pin from men's tuxedo jacket): $99; Skirt: $99; Shoes: $99; Pink necklace: $39.95; Sunglasses: $19.95.

Yes I'm going through a men's clothing phase. I want his shirt, bowtie, and shoes! They're definitely more affordable than the women's pieces. Shirt: $59.95; Bowtie: $29.95; Tuxedo (only pants shown): $299 for pants and jacket; Shoes: $79.95; Sunglasses: $19.95.

A better view of the metallic lace-ups. Coat: $149; Blazer: $149; Shirt: $49.95; Bowtie: $29.95; Pants: $59.95; Cap: $19.95; Shoes: $79.95.

This jacket might even be better than the women's version. More streamlined and understated. And the shoes, the shoes! Wonder if I can find a pair that fits me! Tuxedo (only jacket shown): $299 for pants and jacket; Vest: $49.95; Shirt: $49.95; Bowtie: $29.95; Pants: $59.95; Shoes: $79.95.

View the entire collection here. It will drop in select H&M stores on November 20.

How about you, what are your top picks?


  1. KAT! I missed your blogging :) I am in love with the yellow dress but I can sense a deadly fight when it hits the stores. Ahihi.

    And thanks for your message on my wall :)

  2. It indeed is quite a challenge to find a nice, well-fitting women's black blazer/tuxedo jacket; been on the lookout this past year, although passively. I love the casual-chic effect for the airport, when you wear it with jeans and flats and beautiful accessories; so posh!

  3. Hey Tara! Yes the yellow one is super nice and something that will age well. Also it's not the kind of dress that you wear once and people will remember forever and ever, which I feel the floral printed dress will be like. This one is more understated but can still turn heads!

    Mariel, I had my black undersized jacket brought from Manila! It's not tuxedo but I realized how much I missed it! Ok rin for fashion job interviews haha!

  4. Finally a post! :) I'm on the same boat. I love the men's pieces, especially that they are priced cheaper. I want the men's shoes and pants too.

  5. Hey Cris! I know it's been awhile and my ideas are piling up! About to post one now!:)

  6. great mens and womens fashion. I have a question which is the best cape collar or banded collar tuxedoM?

  7. The last photo was so cool, men in 2 button slim fit suits are really great, especially those who's height is great.


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