Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sister Act

Two weeks ago, I received a Fedex package that had me all excited. No, it wasn't an online order (I'm on a strict budget these days), but something better!
Fringe Fevah!

Houndstooth for my neck

The piece up close

I am happy to have the pleasure of introducing you to Vanina Dy's gorgeous handmade accessories. My sister Vanina, or Nina as she is known to her friends, is one of the most talented and creative people I know. Back in high school, Nina would make the most beautifully gift-wrapped presents out of brown paper and twine that nobody wanted to open because they were so pretty. At Christmas, her friends eagerly anticipate their presents, not just because of what's inside, but because they can't wait to see her next work of art. Lately, she's been using her clever hands to make fashion pieces (hooray for me!).  When ripped and shredded clothes became the trend, she immediately made me a couple of intricately distressed tanks that were such a hit with my friends. She's also been hard at work making statement neck-pieces that I love wearing, because they're unique, eye-catching and most importantly, a labor of love. Most of what she makes is one-of-a-kind, making them doubly special and highly covetable.

Latticework detailing on this necklace makes it look like it's part of the tank I'm wearing. Made by my sister last year.

She also made the top I wore to last year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash (that's me with friends Nicole B and Marcie). It's so delicate, I have to be careful washing it or it might disintegrate!
I don't even know if she's actually selling at the moment, but knowing my sister, she'd be more than happy to create a piece for you! Email her at vaninady@yahoo.com and show her some loooove!

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  1. thanks for dropping by my blog kat!=) love your blog feels like I'm in New York talaga:) and i love what your sister created! I would love to have my hands on that red number. And the fringe necklace is amazing!=) Will definitely contact her.:)



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