Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sidewalk Steals

When I moved to New York, I thought I would never be able to shop cheap. No more SM Department Store! No more Landmark! But, as you can see in this blog, that has not stopped me from hunting high and low for bargains. Most of you who have been to this city know that sidewalks are rife with vendors hawking all kinds of stuff. Yet the ones you see in Manhattan are not the best there is (a lot of the stuff they sell you can find in Chinatown). Venture out into the boroughs and the hipper neighborhoods and you'll find treasures that won't break the bank. The sellers are an eclectic mix. Some are budding designers, some buy wholesale to sell retail, while others are just regular folks looking to discard old stuff and free up space in their closets and apartments.

Fake LV anyone? (Photo courtesy of Robert China at

I am lucky to be living in Williamsburg, the so-called "hipster" neighborhood. I love it here because everyone has their own individual "je ne sais quoi" style. But what I really love is when these stylish hipsters decide to sell their clothes and accessories because the pickings are fabulous! Check out this gorgeous beaded dress I got for $7 at Bedford Avenue. This dress was barely used, or maybe even never worn, judging from the quality.

This picture does not do this dress justice! Bad lighting!

I wore it today to a friend's despedida party, and to the last MoMA PS1 Warm Up party for the summer.

Earrings, $10 from Funk Your Junk (Ottawa, Canada); Dress, $7; Sandals, $7,; Cuff, about $6, Rustan's; Bag, $8, from the Thursday open market at FIT.

My friend Mariel also scored a beautiful necklace made from oversized clear plastic and gold beads from a Bedford vendor.

And I scored this gorgeous vintage handbag from another lady who had stationed herself near the subway station with her wares on a blanket. She was also selling 100% skinny wool ties (I got one for the boofra), and told me that they were rescued from a house that had burned down, and that "they did not come from a dead person." Hahahaha!

Handbag, $18. Don't you just love the detail?


  1. The dress looks loads better when you put it on! Anyhoo, will you and Mariel be there in Nov? Might be going back! Take me bargain shopping!!!:D Let's have a $100 shopping challenge! Haha

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous bag!!! And agree with Tisha, the dress looks great on you.


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