Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Hello friends! As you all probably know, New York is in the thick of Fashion Week, with designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Last night, the city also came out in full force to celebrate Fashion's Night Out, dubbed as "the biggest fashion party in history." Designers and shops staged shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, parties, and free food and drinks with the common objective of getting people to shop, shop and shop!

Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls at Barney's New York

All I wanted to do was see the Olsen twins and Victoria Beckham in Bergdorf Goodman, but by the time the boyfriend and I headed out, it was too late to do anything! My friends Karla and Happy informed me that it would have been an impossible mission anyway, the line going inside was loooong and Bergdorf's was so packed, they had to stop letting people in.

A live burlesque show at the window display of Reem Acra

Because it was my first FNO, I wanted to dress up to celebrate such a momentous event. I decided to wear a gold sequined dress (one of my first purchases in NY) that I had never worn before. I got it at a thrift store called Vise Versa recommended to me by my fab former roommates Jay and Dante for $25. Now this dress is too big, but because it was so glam, I had to get it.

I like how it imitates leopard print!

I always say that a belt is sometimes all you need to turn something frumpy to fabulous. I used a wide black belt to cinch the dress, then tugged out the top part in a "blouse-y" ( can i just say this term is very high-school haha) style that also shortened the length of the dress. I finished it off with black tights, buckled peep-toe booties, a faux leather jacket, black scarf and my military earrings.

Before belting

After belting (excuse the messy hair!)

While walking along Fifth Avenue, I got stopped by a little girl who wanted to interview me on my outfit! She came up to me, stuck out her hand and said, "Hi I'm Melanie!" LOL, she was adorable! I had no idea who she was, but after doing some cyber sleuthing, I think I have figured out who she is: Melanie Zilo, a seven-year old from Boca Raton whose mom is Hayat Ammouri, a fashion journalist. Read all about her here.
Like a true fashion reporter, she asked me who I was wearing

The complete outfit. Dress, Vise Versa; jacket, Dorothy Perkins, shoes, Sinta by Aira Franco; scarf, bought in the fashion district for $15; tights by DKNY; earrings, bought from a street vendor

These passers-by must have thought they were seeing a celeb haha!

Even though I didn't get to see any celebs, I had my five minutes in the spotlight! Truth be told, I was just happy to be out with my man, seeing people dressed to the nines, and relishing the crisp, chilly air of New York. I (heart) New York indeed.


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  2. i think little girl's skirt is kaiya eve ;P which i love on Naima! haha

  3. Kat, I envy your FNO moment... how I wish I am also in NYC to see Fashion Week unfold. I am sure your having a great time. Seriously, your outfit makes you look like a hollywood star about to hit a party... I am loving it! Enjoy NY... :)

  4. Jenny, yeah the skirt is cute! Is Kaiya Eve a popular girl's brand?

    Ems, thank you! Even though we didn't really go to any parties, I felt like dressing up just to celebrate the night! Nice rin to see everyone walking around in their finest, except I just felt sorry for the poor girls walking around in four inch heels hehe.

  5. I think you dressed up for the event excellently {as you always do}. :) I have to agree with Ems, you look like celebrity, Kat!And the little girl is so cute!


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