Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's Shop For Rain Boots!

My good friend Mariel, of NY Minute Now recently got me a gig as a blogger for The Style Glossy, a cool new site on fashion and beauty targeted for readers specifically in Manila, Singapore and Malaysia. My first assignment was to write about how to shop for rain boots. Now, I have to confess, I've never really owned a pair until I moved to New York, where a pair is essential if you want to go anywhere during a heavy snowfall. Researching this particular topic was actually very interesting, and I hope you find my tips useful. Special thanks to Em Somera and Esel de Sagun, who were my resource persons. They distribute Plueys in the Philippines so they definitely know a thing or two about shopping for rainboots! Read my blog here (make sure to scroll down the page to view my post).

Of course I couldn't do all that research without coming across several styles that I covet! Top on my list is this chic wedge from Hunter. I like it's sleek look, and how it almost looks like a trendy shoe more than a rain boot!

Hunter Andora boot

I also like this lace-up style from Hunter. It's a bit on the chunky side but the details set it apart from a regular wellie, which is what I love about it.

Hunter Lace boot

As you can see, I'm not a big fan of colorful wellies. I prefer to stick to plain black so I don't have to worry about what to match them with. But the vintage-inspired print on this pair of Plueys (the work of Marceline Smith, a Scottish designer) is absolutely adorable! I can imagine wearing them on a nice spring day with a white cotton eyelet dress.

Plueys Sew Cute

I have to say though, the most sophisticated would be this equestrian-styled boot from Aigle. As I would say in Filipino, it's very sosyal!

Aigle RBoot



  1. Been wanting to get Hunter boots for so long. I ordered a pair of Hunter boots way back from sale but when it arrived it had scratches so I had to return. Will be waiting for them again. I don't wanna pay full price hehe. :) I also like Bendel's wellies :)
    by the way, congrats on your new gig :)

  2. I've got Hunter boots in navy. They are really adorable!


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