Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trend Shopping: Military Earrings

Last Sunday, on the way to the "Brooklyn loves Michael Jackson" fete in Prospect Park (an open field, free-for-all dance and sing-along party organized by Spike Lee to celebrate the King of Pop's birthday), I spotted a guy on the sidewalk selling unique handmade accessories made out of reinvented Majorica pearls and military patches. I immediately zoomed in on these trendy earrings and had to get them since they were such a good buy at $10.

Aren't they unique?

Mr. Vendor (I forgot to ask his name!) also had a gorgeous multistrand long pearl necklace which he had decorated with the same military patches, but at $40, I couldn't afford them!

You can glimpse the pearl necklace on the far right of the table

I wore the earrings yesterday on my first day at school, with a nautical/Frenchie-inspired outfit. I got several compliments on the earrings, so it was indeed a worthy purchase! 

 H&M top, Funk Your Junk belt (got it in Ottawa, Canada), vintage Polo Ralph Lauren linen pants (a hand-me-down!), Alice+Olivia for Payless oxford-style flats.

If you decide to seek out Mr. Vendor, take the Q train to Prospect Park and exit towards Ocean Avenue.

Just look for the pot-bellied man with a single dangling earring in his right ear!


  1. Haha, you're funny. Talagang kailangan sabihin "pot-bellied"! Akala ko pa naman you were being politically correct by not mentioning his kulay but hahahaha!

  2. Oh, and fab earrings and outfit, btw! Kat Dy is in conquering mode indeed!

  3. @JENNY: Yes, he does look scary, kind of reminds me of a pirate!

    @FRANCES: LOL...I was indeed trying to be politically correct, but I didn't know the correct term to use! But you have to admit, my chosen adjective is spot on!

  4. I love the earrings! Di mabigat? :)

    Surfed in from Frances' blog. :)

    Join my Camera Necklaces Give-Away! ♥

  5. Hey Twisted Halo! Thanks for dropping by! The earrings aren't the lightest, but it's ok, they're bearable! :)

    Love your camera necklaces, btw!


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