Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My $5 shoes

Two month ago, I happened to pass by a Payless and decided to come in for a quick look around. Didn't really see anything interesting at the first floor, so I went up to the second floor, where shoes in my size were on sale. At the very bottom shelf of a display stand, nestled in its ratty shoebox, I saw this hot pink leopard spotted platform sandals by Alice and Olivia for Payless. The pink round sticker declared it was $5 but I couldn't believe my eyes, so I had to check with a salesperson to confirm. True enough, it was only five bucks! What a steal!

I managed to make the strap stand properly, courtesy of skills I picked up from Louie Aguinaldo, product photographer extraordinaire!

I've only ever bought one other pair of Alice and Olivia for Payless shoes, a black-and-white oxford style flat that's super comfy and that I wear nearly everyday. I don't know exactly how high these pink babies are but my guess is that they're five inches or more! So I don't think I'll be wearing them as much as my other pair, but for five dollars, I had to get them!
Actually goes well with the pattern of our kitchen rug!

I've only ever worn them once, with an oversized sailor-style sweater from H&M that I got for $8. A thirteen dollar outfit, how can you beat that?!


  1. super nice! makes me want to go to Payless and search if there's any pair left. $5!!! can't believe it!

    - cris -

  2. I'm so glad we finally have Payless here. But not so glad it's in the south and in Festival, too :( But your outfit rocks and I would've grabbed those shoes, too if I chanced upon them :)

  3. CRIS: Payless is hit or miss but I always like the Alice + Olivia ones. They're on sale now! Go na!

    TARA: Yeah, I saw the photos on, they have cute styles ha! I haven't seen some of them here yet.

  4. OMG i love those shoes!!!!:) so girly and tough at the same time. What a lucky find!:) Inlove with your loose sweatshirt! I die of envy. Lol.

  5. If I may ask, how do you make the straps stand?

    And that nautical sweater+leopard print shoes combo is so unexpected and pretty!

  6. Hi TPS!

    I held it up using regular white thread, a trick I learned as a stylist. :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)


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