Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boots, boots, boots!

When I was fashion editor, Google was my friend whenever I needed a crash course on the new trends for each season. I know, I know, I should be subscribing to all these fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and online sites, and reading WWD religiously. If I plan to spend an hour online though, I almost always end up spending half a day glued to my seat, and  most of that time is spent in that vortex that is Facebook. So I have long figured that I am not likely to get anything productive done if I trawl through these fashion resources daily.

So when I wanted to find out what the shoe trends will be for the upcoming Fall season, I just Googled "Fall/Winter 2010 shoe trends." The styles that have been catching my eye are inspired by hiking, military and ski boots. They're either buckled or laced-up, and some are lined with a warm material, whether it's a ribbed knit or shearling. I think the lining is what attracts me most - anything that'll keep my feet warm during the freezing cold is a fashion do! They'll also go really well with my winter wardrobe, which sees me mostly in pants, but even if I do wear a dress, they'll still go fabulously!

Chloe boots from Net-A-Porter. Love the rich suede look and the wearable wedge!
Alexander Mc Queen, also at Net-A-Porter. The buckles and shearling lining are to die for but I might also die tripping in such extremely high heels!
My favorite! These boots caught my eye right away when I saw the Burberry runway show. Photo also from Net-A Porter.

Of course lusting on a budget means I have to shop smart. I found a similar style at Urban Original (for the past few days, I have been obsessed with this site! Obsessed!) It's cute but with a heel height of five inches, it's way too much for someone who pounds concrete every single day.
Anne Michelle booties for only $30.90 at Urban Original
I did not want to shop, and I have been holding myself back but when I found out that their summer sale was extended (25% off everything!) I succumbed to temptation. I ended up buying the following pairs:

Suede thigh-high boots, $27.90; leopard booties, $25.90; unlaced ankle boots, $32.50.   

The suede and unlaced flat boots will be perfect for walking around, but I had to get the leopard booties as a nod to the animal print that is all the rage this season. 

And because I had to have my hiking booties, I also got this pair from Go Jane, since it was out of stock already in Urban Original:

Lace-up lug-soled boots $27.50 from Go Jane
Whew! That's a lot of shoes and there are still more, more, more that I want to buy! More on that in the next post!

How about you? What fall footwear are you dying to own?


  1. Wow Kat! Great buys! I've been wanting to get the Dolce Vita for Target Lace-up booties for the fall. It would go well with skirts/shorts and tights. Plus it has rubber soles that would be perfect for walking around here.

    Love your blog! More pa!


  2. Kinatkat!! I'm dying to own so much my head hurts. LOL pero I must be practical so I'm after not so Ugg-ly Lynnea clog boots lang. My existing UGG-ly ones have seen five winters na, are UGG-lier than ever and not as warm anymore.

  3. Hi May! Thanks for dropping by. I love those boots too! Cris of blogged about it. Combat boots were so hot last season but I think they're still staying put for fall, so I think I should get one myself too haha!

    Chelle! Those Lynnea clog boots are adorable!!! And probably will be uber warm. I saw rabbit fur boots at Urban Original and I was so tempted to buy them but they didn't have my size anymore.

  4. Ooh! Like the Chloe boot :) Sounds like a fun boot-shopping (online) trip!

  5. aww thanks for sharing my post Kat. I love the lace up booties and leopard booties!!! great finds! :)


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