Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday's Outfit

My good friend Happy David recently celebrated her one year of living here in the Big Apple with a potluck dinner. I had to dress up of course, I will exploit any reason to dress up haha! Here is what I wore to the party:

Photo by the boofra, whom I have already commissioned to take all my "style" photos

I have already worn this outfit twice and within weeks of each other, which means I really, really like it! The top is from Urban Behavior, bandeau bra from SM Department Store (about Php 150 or $3.50, skinny cargo pants with zippered hem from Almost Famous but bought in Strawberry ($30), lace-up platforms from Parisian by SM Department Store (bought for only Php1,299 or roughly $29), four-layered pink gem bracelet from Forever 21 ($7), white leather wrap-around bracelet with studs, a gift from my friend Nikki), mixed in with a single elastic rhinestone bracelet, part of a set bought in Landmark (Php 150 or $3.50). Oh and aviators by Ray-Ban (free from a press event) and bag from Mango (bought years ago, I have forgotten the price!).

I love anything sequined!
I am loving the top from Urban Behavior, which I bought in Canada for the amazingly low price of $5!!! It's cropped and loose, which makes it perfect for the summer, but it'll also make a good layering piece when the cold weather starts. And though it's sequined, the hue is still very neutral so it's easily wearable during the day. And the deep armholes make it very sexy, so you can let a pretty bra peek out without looking too outrageous.

I'm thinking of what to wear with it next, but haven't decided yet so watch out for its next appearance!


  1. I love the whole outfit! I also love Urban Behavior. They also have it in Manchester (NH) but closed it recently so sadness :|

    And talaga? Pat is so cute taking all your style photos! :)

  2. Lurve the outfit! And I have the exact same shoes!:D

  3. hi kat! how are you? exciting to see your NY photos! :D

  4. MAKESCOFFEENERVOUS: Lara is that you??? I just read your blog, I'll put you on my list na!:) I love it, btw, and all the photos and links you put!

    TARA: Thanks! Yeah, Pat is the best! And just last night, he sat me down and gave me his comments/constructive criticism of my blog haha! He said he just wanted to make sure it's successful, awww. :)

    TISHA: Oooh, don't you like it? I can actually walk in them! But one day lang, then I need to rest for a week haha!

    JENNY: Hey Jen! Thanks for dropping by! I'm starting my second semester in a few weeks, so I'll be super busy again! What's your blog so I can link you up?:)

  5. Are you serious?? That's just sooooo cute! Kinikilig ako sa inyo hihi :)

  6. Tara, yeah haha! I already gave him a mini tutorial on how to use the ISO settings in my digital cam and gave him instructions to learn how to take "candid" snapshots hohoho


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