Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I "LOVE" these shoes

I've heard about French Sole before, the arbiter of supposedly comfy ballerina flats. Here is what has to say about the brand:

"A sanctuary for fed-up cosmopolitan women who’ve walked their last stiletto steps, French Sole is an oasis of ballet flats. The walls are jam-packed from floor to ceiling with identical pink shoeboxes. (Indeed, the surreal tiny space can trigger something akin to a psychic bunion.) Inside those boxes are more than two dozen variations of one kind of footwear. Some flats are a bit tacky (leopard prints in questionable colors, gaudy floral patterns); others are more stylish (timeless solids, trendy metallics). But with prices inching up as high as $350, your extravagant new pair of ballet flats just might usurp your old slingbacks in the end.

Can you guess what it says?

All you need is LOVE


  1. nice shoes!!! hi kat! just dropping by =)

  2. I love what it says. Pun may be intended :) Great find, Kat! Looking forward to the next entries on your blog. Mwah!

  3. Oh my gosh! That's so cool! I didn't even notice the 'love.' Amazing :)

    Cute blog by the way. I think you'll draw in A LOT of readers! Keep the posts coming!

  4. Hey Kat!!! I drop by to wish you lots of love!!! Miss you here in Manila... nice shoes...LOVE it!!! -

  5. Hey Kat! Sayang we didn't get to meet up while I was there. Hope you got the stuff I left for ya!

  6. I got excited by the comments haha! Thanks for dropping by guys!

    JAJA: Hello!!! :)

    TARA: Haha, thank you! I have so many I want to write about I don't know where to start!

    MARIEL: I didn't notice too! It's so funny that a guy noticed it!

    EMS: I'll add you to my bloglist!:)

    TISHA: Yes, I got them thank you so much! And congrats with GH!:)

  7. Kat... super miss you! If I go to NYC after I give birth I will drop you a message promise!!! thanks for adding me and more power to you always!!! God Bless!!!

  8. Kat! You're blogging! Buti na lang I saw this on Mariel's blog. We miss you here at Summit!

    I love the love flats! :)

  9. Ro! Yes, I've been wanting to for the longest time but Mariel finally gave me a reason to actually do it! I miss the office too! How are things there?:)


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