Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing Red

Ever since seeing Rag and Bone's Spring 2011 red-laced platform shoes over at, I've had red shoelaces on my mind.

I saw a red-laced brown hiker boot at Urban Outfitters (they don't have it online now but they still have the black and blue version online) at about the same time and it made me realize it's going to be a trend. Not a big one perhaps, but a mini trend nonetheless.

I bought a pair of red laces at the Jewish shoe shop near the Marcy subway station and made my own version.

Shoes before the "makeover"

Tada! Final outfit. Heattech Turtlneck, Uniqlo, about $20; oversized hoodie, SM Surplus, about Php300; cargo vest, Old Navy, about $30; denim shorts, bought at the FIT outdoor market, $5; thermal tights, Marks and Spencer, about Php700; ankle boots, from, $32.50; necklace, Accessorize, about Php650; vintage bag, FIT outdoor market, $5.

Since the laces were too short, I deliberately left them untied. I like how it looks.

Product shot

 I wore this to school a few months ago when the temperature started dropping. I bought the hoodie at the Surplus Shop in SM Makati with now Cosmopolitan fashion editor Happy Lopez during one of our pullouts. It's actually a men's hoodie but I bought it nonetheless. She convinced me to get them in anticipation of the cold weather in NY. I'm happy I did! They keep me warm when I'm at home, and it's super duper comfy. This is the first time I wore them out of the house!

Did you like my layering attempt? Coming from a tropical country, I never really liked layering much but I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. Last winter, I was terrible at combining fashion and function. My mantra was, "bahala na maging chaka, basta di ginawin!" (The heck with fashion, I just want to be warm!). Now, however, I've had a bit of practice. Let's see how I fare this winter!


  1. Yes, I LIKE! And your bag is adorable :) Hindi chaka at all! I don't know if you'll ever be capable of chaka, Kat :)


  2. Tara: I do have my chaka moments, I just don't immortalize them on photos haha! I love that bag too, it's about to fall apart at the seams, literally!

    Jaja: Thanks!

  3. Nice idea/trend! I have a couple of oxfords to RED-ify. :D

  4. i really like your outfit. nice way to layer! and i love that idea of red laces. i want! i have black booties that will surely go with those red laces. better get mine too. thanks for that idea! :)

  5. Kat! Hirap din ako sa cold weather. It's hard being fashionable under sweaters and thermal underwear. Haha. I'll be in town next week. Free to meet up? I need your help figuring out what to wear to this work function... "urban chic" daw. Mejo challenge considering I have to work with layers!

  6. Twisted Halo: I also bought floral printed laces. You can also try the yellow striped ones that channel the Timberland hiking boots. Have fun! :)

    Cris: My pleasure! It's such a cool and easy way to update a shoe!

    Tish: Let me know when you'll be here! Might not make it on Tuesday cause I have class but baka we can meet earlier that day? Let's work on your outfit!:) And thermal underwear is the way to go! I wear them everyday hahaha! Uniqlo's Heattech and Marks and Spencer is the best. :)

  7. Kat...can we go on cheapie shopping trip on Tuesday? Haha

  8. I love the hoodie! Surplus in SM has some pretty cool stuff. :)


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