Friday, March 16, 2012

Cheapo Buy: The Landmark Tops

I'm a big fan of department stores. It mimics the "thrill of the hunt" you get when rummaging through an ukay-ukay , but in a slightly more organized setting. The Landmark remains a favorite for several reasons. One, its prices are slightly cheaper compared to some of the highly advertised department stores right now (more marketing = more expenses leading to more peso digits on the tag). Two, they often sell the same styles that you see being sold at bazaar and online shops (read: Bangkok/China sourced items) at a significantly lower price. And three, if you are patient enough and really take the time to go around the entire place, you can find best buys in different departments. I've bought Ikea kitchen towels, expensive-looking clear glass vases, even exercise equipment from The Landmark. Winner talaga

A recent sojourn to The Landmark for a quick look around became a two-hour long layover when I started spotting a lot of really cute clothes. First, I was only going to try three pieces. But when I went around again, I saw another dress, then another top, and then another, and another, until, goodness me, I ended up lugging almost 20 pieces of clothing to the dressing room! I wanted a lot of things, but some were either too small (i.e. a dress with a waistline that was up to my under bust) or poorly made. In the end, I managed to restrain myself and only bought two tops, for about P400 each.

This printed loose top is my favorite. It's not something I would normally go for, but it reminded me a little of the Marni x H&M collab pieces, maybe because of its somber color and the print. Here's how I wore it three different ways:

To run errands, wore it with shorts and loafers. Shorts, Mango. Satchel, Warehouse. Loafers, bought at Amarcord sale in Brooklyn (you read about it here!)

Later that day, switched the shorts for pants to watch a PBA game. I did a little print-on-print styling courtesy of my leopard-print detachable collar

Flared denim, Urban Behavior (bought on sale for CAD10). Stack-heeled loafers, Mango (wore this when I was shot for Refinery29). Detachable collar, Miss Sartorial (more styles here). Belt, Tint. Satchel, Warehouse. Pony-hair leopard cuff, and disco ball bracelet, Martina-Martina. Leather wrap bracelet, H&M.
I also wore this top when I helped style a friend's prenup shoot. Channeling Marni again with the print-on-print but had to wear the boots for comfort, making the outfit look edgier than preppy/intellectual. Turns out the boots were a smart choice as it rained during the shoot. 

Crystal necklace, bought in Paddington Market Sydney. Shorts, bought in random cheap Soho shop in NYC.  Boots, Go Jane. 

Funny, I wore the same jewelry stack as in previous outfit. These Martina-Martina pieces are still available, fyi. 
And here is the other top. Haven't worn it yet, but guessing it's going to be versatile too.

The tag reads ASOS. I'm guessing it's an overrun. This also came in a navy and a  peachy-pink color. Very cute when buttoned all the way up. 

Still thinking what to wear with this pleated top. Thoughts?


  1. i love those tops! and i love your black and white striped shorts! so cute on you! :)

  2. Thanks Cris! Can't wait to see your outfit post for tomorrow ;)

  3. I LOVE Landmark. It's one of the shopping haunts I miss most living abroad so I went on a rampage when I was home for Christmas. I bought three tops and a pair of neon flats... all for less than Php1,000! Cute tops btw :)

  4. I looove shopping at Landmark! If only they had a reward card system like the SM Advantage Card.

  5. Hi Deepa, thank you! I want to see your neon flats! :) I visited your blog and saw that you live in Amsterdam? Been wanting to visit that place! And go to Queen's Day, apparently the best party in the world!

    Hi Kate! Do you get to take advantage of your Advantage Card? Somehow, whenever I try to use my points, I only have no more than P100++ on my account lol...


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