Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daily Wear: Blush

Lately, I noticed I've been wearing a lot of rosy/blush/nude tones from my closet.

Here's what I wore to my mini talk for the Watson's Joys of Summer Event in MOA a few weeks ago. The top is from Topshop, bought during one of their winning "Buy One Take One" sales, where the BOTO items are already marked down to 50%, sometimes 70% off. Even though the selections are already limited at this point,  I always take the time to peruse the sale rack because you never know what you'll find (like this sequined top!). I went monochromatic that day, pairing the top with a similarly hued denim pant from Zara, and my lovely little pearl collar necklace, DIYd by my sister, Nina. 

Sneaky outfit shot I had to take inside a dressing room because I forgot to have a proper photo taken, haha! Collar by my sister Nina. Topshop top. Zara pants. Mink Pink (bought in Australia) tan belt. Celine pumps (nope, not the designer label.  Yung local brand! Very old pair that survived the test of time). Martina-Martina tiger cuff and disco ball bead bracelet. H&M leather bracelet.

Me with Kat, who got in touch with me for the event

I have also been crushing on pointy pumps, so much more than the stumpy toed platform heels that have been so popular lately. I don't know, maybe it's me getting older, but I find that I can't quite pull them off anymore. But with pointy toes come the pinching pain of cramped feet. Thus, after an entire afternoon of standing, my feet were dying. Good thing SM Department Store was near. I spotted these cute nude sandals on sale for P500 and bought them immediately. I've been wearing my Renegade Folk sandals so much that they need a break, and this SM pair is the perfect substitute.

The sandals zip up at the back so they're easy to wear.

And they still went well with my outfit!

On another day of meetings and errands, I wore a simple silk button down with lace shorts in a dusky pink hue. The shirt I bought for only 99c, a beloved item from my stash of tops purchased at an accidentally discovered 99c Brooklyn store (side story: the store was near the Transit Adjudication Bureau office, where I had to go to contest a subway fare evasion ticket. Finding that store was the only good thing about that day!). I actually have two of these shirts bought at the same place, from different brands but they look almost the same. I say you can never have enough of silk button-downs!

99c silk shirt. Forever 21 lace shorts. SM Department Store sandals. Sunnies bought in Australia. 

Assorted H&M bead bracelets, and leather band. Muses and Lovers friendship bracelet. Flower enamel bracelet from an East Village thrift store. 

When I went to Australia, I made a promise to buy something made by a local designer. This stannard inc quartz and brass neckpiece bought at the Paddington Markets in Sydney is the result of that promise.  I even got to meet the designer and owner, Claire, who was manning her stall that day. I like to wear it when I want something understated. And I like to fiddle with the stone. Quartz is said to be "a power stone...enhance(s) energy and thoughts, and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical."

Another Aussie buy: Saba drawstring bag. I've been using this nearly everyday!

SM sandals again (don't mind my ugat!)

Reading this post, I realized I haven't blogged about my Australia trip! Will do so sometime so stay tuned! In the meantime, I'll be blogging about an exciting beauty workshop tomorrow so don't forget to check back!


  1. Hi Kat! This is Rica from the Headware. I love your blog and I really would like to touch base with you about our products. Do you have an email address where I can send information? =)

  2. Hi Rica! Thank you for reading my blog. You may email me by clicking the "click here to email me button" on the top right corner of the blog. Very excited to know more about your products!


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